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Native Drums


To work in the shamanic tradition, we work from the heart, with spirit,  in the 'unseen', in the Knowing Field and in the consciousness of the Greater Whole.  Using ritual, rites, fire, despacho, blessings,  prayer, invocation, herbs, stones, rattles, Drumming, Song and chanting, Incantation, Visions, Journeying, Soul Retrieval , Past Lives, Cord Cutting, Spirit Animals, Spirit detachment, Blessings, Breathwork, Dance, working with energies, chakras, psychic dagger and curse removal, we can restore you to a state of health and peace and back to your essence- 

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Wisdom of the Tribes Shamanic Healing

Why the Shamanic Approach?

Treating the mind and body with shamanic techniques offers a holistic approach to restore balance with an added spiritual dimension. Shamans believe that all illness or 'dis-ease' is an expression of the suppression of spirit or 'essence' of who we are in this earthly incarnation, and forces us to look at what is in need of attention and expansion. At its heart ,is the connection to all living things- Nature, Mother Earth, the seasons, the celestial bodies, animals , plants , the five elements and the four directions, It also believes that inanimate objects have a 'soul'- an energetic imprint of all that is within it- so that buildings and houses can also require healing of sadness and negative energies. There is a deep connection to the unseen- to those in spirit, the ancestors, to guides, angels and prophets and to the Source or God of all living things. Everything is included and there is no judgment of perpetrators and victims, but the inclusion of all energies within. It is not, as some believe, religious or anti-religious, but in the Q'ero traditional practice, it is a healing art , and we are known as 'curanderos' - (healers)- and is in no way dark or 'black' magic which is designed to harm and not heal.

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