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Writing with Pen
I have been to see Julia multiple times over a few years and every time I come away feeling lighter, more centered and more myself. Julia has a wonderful way of helping create a peaceful and calming atmosphere that makes you feel immediately relaxed. i have recommended her to many friends who continue to see her too.  Would highly recommend.

Jen M

Julia's support has been invaluable to me. With a combination of Talk Therapy, Tapping, Cord Cutting and Shamanic Healing I have overcome and learnt ways to manage a challenging time. Most of these modalitites were new to me. Her work with Constellations is especially powerful- helping to shift energies and transform the way I look at situations- leaving with a renewed outlook and mechanisms to move forward. Julia enables you to challenge your thought processes and make sense of your emotions. All of this is approached with great empathy and compassion, in a safe and nurturing environment.  Julia attends to the whole of you - Mind Body and Soul- so if you're looking for for a holistic therapeutic approach - Julia can support you! The advice and wisdom I have received has been a Game Changer!

Massage Oils

Julia's skill, warmth and wisdom mean you can truly change your life if you want to. Going far beyond the EFT technique (although she is so skilled at this), julia inspires so much trust - a trust you really need in order to confront blocks and fears. In a short period we worked through so much, and without julia I would not be the healthy, happy woman I am today. She gave me so many tools for life, and that life is now taking an exciting path I never could have dreamt of before.
I have met many therapists and healers in my 43 years - Julia Whittington is remarkable. Forever grateful

Louise Hart

Julia has been my biggest teacher in life to date and having her as my therapist has been instrumental in my growth and healing. Julia is a kind and thoughtful person, full of wisdom and teachings. Having the space to talk so openly with no judgements is refreshing and vital and her spin on spirituality gets energy moving like no other way I have seen. I love the tapping element of the therapy session too and the oracle cards are such a fun way to end a session. Thank you Julia for helping me grow.

Lisa H

Julia was first recommended to me by a friend about five years ago. She told me that Julia's methods were 'alternative', and that she had found her sessions really useful. After my very first session I felt the difference. Julia used 'tapping' ( Emotional Freedom Technique) and the results were instant. I didn't understand at that point why it worked, but I felt an immediate release of anxiety and built-up stress. 

I have since seen Julia regularly. Recently, during a very dark and difficult time in my life, Julia was literally my lifeline! She quite simply 'gets' me. She doesn't provide me with the answers but has an amazing way of asking me questions that enable my own realisations. I feel completely safe with her. Sometimes the sessions can be hard- but these are the most eye-opening ones. I always thought I was self-aware, but Julia has helped me to get to know myself in a healthier and deeper way. My sessions with Julia are worth every penny and I am truly grateful to have her in my life. 


I came to Julia for some EFT/ Tapping and Reiki sessions to deal with some trapped emotions regarding a lost parent.
Since seeing her, I feel as if I've been able to make a breakthrough in this area of my life. I fully endorse Julia's talents. She is not only a certified and talented therapist but also an holistic healer who takes on a very spiritual approach, using a myriad of skills, ranging from psychotherapy, bodywork, reflexology ,Reiki, EFT and Hypnotherapy. I highly recommend Julia's services to anyone looking to better their health and wellness through a mind, body and soul approach!


I found Julia through Facebook and came to see her for Maternity Reflexology. I immediately felt comfortable with her warm and caring approach and she was very knowledgeable about pregnancy and labour and I really enjoyed our chats . I have had Reflexology before, but Julia had an especially healing touch and I felt very at ease with her intuitive skill and in-depth information . I also saw her post-natally. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a professional who is both skilful and has a sensitive and nurturing approach. 



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