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Heal Your Body

Your appointment is a learning experience, and tuning into your body’s innate wisdom requires a dedicated one-on-one approach. I offer customized treatments for your specific set of concerns that will get you feeling back to yourself and better than ever in no time. Get in touch with me today to see how I can create a personal plan for your specific needs.



Working deeply into tissues and muscles for Health and Restoration

Deep Tissue Massage is an excellent remedial treatment for tight muscles and sports injuries. Deep tissue work is also suited to those who require emotional release - from stress, anxiety and traumatic experience. When we are stressed we often hold our emotions in our bodies and if left untreated, this can lead to injury and chronic pain. In some cases, it is advisable to have weekly treatments or a course of 6 to prevent recurrence of symptoms.

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An Ancient Science

Reflexology is a popular and effective treatment for a wide range of symptoms. 
The methodology is an ancient eastern technique in which pressure is applied to specific points and zones that correspond to particular body parts and organs - the foot is a 'map' of the body. Stimulation of these reflexes help to regulate the body's mechanisms and support homeostasis- the body's natural balance. It is non- invasive, so can be an alternative to acupuncture. It is extremely relaxing and works on the energetic principles, to allow healing to take place naturally.



Tapping for clarity and emotional release

EFT is a powerful and immediate tool for energetic and psychological change. It is a combination of energy transformation and psychotherapeutic intervention that can be applied to every area of physical pain and emotional dysfunction. It can help with any condition and is particularly effective in treating Addiction,Trauma, acute and chronic illness.

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An Ancient Science

Based on an ancient japanese system of mindfulness and spiritual enlightenment, Reiki is a potent and relaxing tool that supports wellbeing in mind, body and spirit. It can be a hands-on or distant treatment where energy is channelled through the practitioner to the client. It has been effective in treating pain and conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

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Finding purpose and peace, resolving conflict and restoring harmony into our lives through powerful talk therapy. Focusing on how the Mind affects the Body and releasing emotions stuck in the body.

'The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.' Steve Maraboli

What we think affects every cell in our body.

Mind and Body are inseparable - what is happening in the body is a reflection of our mind and the body is a messenger - we can determine where in our lives we are stuck and what we need to resolve this.

Mind Body Counselling addresses our patterns of thought, our belief systems, the underlying causes of our present state of being and seeks to create an authentic way of being and living. 

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Changing our Mindset and Belief System with clear language and thought processes.

NLP is an in-depth look at the way we use language and its unconscious meaning. It combines the most valuable and successful psychotherapeutic and linguistic tools for change and provides constructive self-empowerment and awareness. It affects our neural pathways and can therefore yield long- term adaptation. 

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Reframing and Healing through altered states

Hypnotherapy allows access to our unconscious processes . In this altered state we can affect our unhelpful thought processes and bring about lasting change. I also practice Hypno-Birthing.

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Balance Your Chi

Therapeutic touch is poweful form of healing the mind and body. Holistic massage is a soothing and relaxing treatment but can also targer specific areas of tension.

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An Ancient Science

Hopi Ear Candling is a traditional Native American therapy thought to cleanse the aura and spiritually purify. This gentle and soothing therapy is well-known for its calming and relaxing effects. It can relieve specific conditions such as Hay Fever, Tinnitus , Headaches and Catarrh and still stressful minds.

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Soothing and relaxing the system through Head. Neck and Shoulder massage

An effective and relaxing massage of the scalp, neck, upper back, face and arms.
Beneficial on many levels and can be received in a chair and fully clothed.

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Pregnant Belly


Natural Healing for Pregnancy, Maternity and Post- Natal women

Reflexology specifically targeted for pregnant mums and a relaxing treatment for all. It can relieve morning sickness, acid reflux, lower back pain and pubic symphisis. It can aid preparation for birth and labour and is a wonderful stress -reliever - inducing natural feel-good chemicals in the body and a wonderful sense of well-being.

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Reflexolgy to stimulate and prepare the Body for Conception and optimal pregnancy health.

Fertility Reflexology can aid conception and is for both men and women who are trying for a baby. I offer packages to individuals and couples to support them throughout fertility, pregnancy and post-natally.

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'Shamanism is the oldest form of Communicating and Healing. It resides in all of us.' Amy Hardie

Using the spiritual wisdom and practice of ancient tribes, shamanic healing can shift energy in the body and psyche using, bodywork, breath work, sacred ritual and energy processes that enable healing at all levels. There are various levels of processes, and sessions can involve one process or a combination and can be tailored to the client's individual needs, (-although I would recommend a two hour session at most at weekly intervals minimum, as these are intense and profound,and require the Mind and Body to settle). Processes include: Essence work- Finding and clarifying your purpose; Illumination-Understanding and shifting blocks and fears; Working with the Archetypes- seeing situations from the Four Archetypal positions; Breath work- using the Breath to release Trauma and stuck energy Bodywork- engaging the body into feeling and understanding, grounding; Using stones to release blocks Soul Retrieval- journeying into the Unconscious to retrieve wisdom and 'the Lost Soul'; Past Lives- Journeying to Past Lives to seek resolution; honouring death and transitioning completely from one life to another; Energy cleansing, removal of intentional and unintentional psychic daggers; cutting cords to unhelpful relationships; Entity release- removing benign entities and spirits from attachment. House and Space Cleansing* (* price on application) ; Death -Rebirth process; Journeying; Working with the Ancestors;  Ceremonial and Sacred Rituals - Despacho ceremonies for Birth, Marriage, Civil Partnerships, Earth Honouring, New Homes, Relationships, Ayni* (*price on application) -Spirit Release -Passing Rites ( N.B. some are only for those who are sacred healers and intentional wisdom keepers); --Bands of Protection and Munay Ki Rites.

As taught by  Evelyn Brodie and George Christie @ Temenos Touch® 

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I am happy to speak to anyone who would like to understand more about this particular aspect of my work.

I am Woman

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I am Serpent

See me slither

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In Father Sky

See me Birth

Watch me die

Through endless time

I journey home

In unknown forests

I fearlessly roam

I am Cat

See me prowl

I am Hummingbird, Night Owl

Seer of the Unseen

Light in the Shadow

Watcher by Day

Crossing River by night

To Upper World and Lower

In middle I begin

Sacred space maker

Intention holder




Earth Guardian

Mountain Keeper

Spirit Walker


I am Shaman.