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"The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson



There are no limits to what you can change- or what you can become. Most of us are held back by limiting beliefs which can sabotage our fulfilment. Few of us remain unscathed by powerful and distressing experiences. Our thoughts and intentions are powerful and can affect both mental and physical health. Unprocessed emotions, distress and trauma can cause imbalances. Our consciousness responds in many ways that force us to listen and and act upon this discomfort. There must be sound awareness and connection to our mind, body and spirit in order to heal. Often we create unconscious blocks that can negate love, truth and happiness. My purpose is to help unravel and clear these blocks with a range of therapeutic techniques to enable you to connect to your core - the truth of who you are- so that you may lead an authentic life.



Healing for Mind Body and Spirit

I offer a natural and holistic approach to medicine. I’m a certified Therapist based in London and I believe in the power of healing through natural and healthy alternatives or complements to western medicine. I’m an educator and a healer, with the mission to teach each patient about the natural healing powers they hold within.  * NB. I appreciate that everyone has a different financial situation and in the spirit of inclusion, I offer a sliding scale for those who cannot afford the standard fee. Please contact me to discuss and arrange a fee suited to your personal income.  



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My name is Julia Whittington. As a child, I was fascinated by the human mind and body and would peruse the pages of medical journals and encyclopedias. When I was diagnosed with a serious illness at the age of 19, I was intuitively sure that disease was inextricably linked to emotional repression and trauma and began to read the work of Louise Hay, Caroline Myss, Arnold Mindell, Peter Levine and Bruce Lipton.

This was just the beginning of my journey into healing. After studying English at University, I studied Anatomy, Metaphysics and BIochemistry and read every book I could access on spiritual well-being and Mindfulness. I balance my passion with spiritual practice with science and factual knowledge.

I was fascinated with energy and how it is received into the psyche and the body and with working in the unseen.  I trained firstly as a Reiki Master, then as an EFT therapist, person-centred Counsellor, NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. I work intuitively with clients to ascertain their individual requirements and tailor my treatments accordingly.

In recent years, I have included bodywork in my portfolio, and practice Reflexology, including Fertility and Maternity Reflexology, Holistic and Deep Tissue Massage and trained as a Temenos Touch® Shamanic Practitioner with Evelyn Brodie* and George Christie*. My lineage is from the Q'ero tribe in Peru- from Don Manuel Quispe, Don Sebastian Pauccar, Don Francisco Chura Flores, to Dr Alberto Villoldo ( Light Body school) to Lila Hammond to Evelyn Brodie to me. 

I live in South London with my three children and enjoy Dance, Music, Singing and Film / Theatre.

My intention is to enable healing at all levels - spiritual, mental and physical; to create a conscious understanding of one's suffering and to work through processes to alleviate it.

I am a member of the Complementary Medicine Association, CNHC and the Association Of Reflexologists.

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